You can buy my used panties. There's many styles to choose from (please, specify what kind you like in the comments-section). I will wear them for 1-2 days before sending the panties to you, together with a signed photo of me wearing them (let me know whether you want a physical print of the picture or you want it digitally sent to your e-mail). Panties will be sealed in a plastic package and delivered in a discreet envelope. 
After I've received your payment, I will let you know, which days I'll be wearing the panties. 

Note! Because this is a product I actually wear for a whole day right before shipping, there might be a delay in shipping times!


Note! Only normal use of panties. I do not pee, poo, menstruate or masturbate in the panties. You get them the way they'd go in my laundry basket!


    punk rock stripper

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