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Bring that bit of edginess to your event or booth!

A walkabout entertainer, roaming performer or wandering character, can attract visitors to your booth, entertain guests on an interactive and in-person level, pose for photos, hand out flyers, encourage guests to participate in campaigns and much more. It's a great addition to any occasion, only your imagination is the limit; exhibition, fair, festival, pool party, Halloween event, venue opening, product launch, customer appreciation event, sports event, rock show, music video, you name it.

We specialize in events for adults, mainly erotic, horror and rock'n'roll. Our entertainers wear elaborate spicy costumes, that are sure to turn heads, and they wield captivating personalities! Characters range from fantasy royalty to horror monsters, such as Queen of Hearts, Black Widow, the Devil, Snaggletooth and more.
With several years of experience in promotional modeling and working with party goers, our stunning award-winning entertainers will make sure your event will be memorable!


Book a walkabout entertainer now!

Photos coming...


Music videos

-Uniikki feat.Elastinen & Spekti "Kunnon Mestaan Vetää”

-Jessica Wolff “Broken Wings”

-Kotiteollisuus “Yötä vasten”
-Backstache “Muotitietoinen”

-Sugar Brown “Sugar Honey”
-Crossfyre “Born to be free”
-JVG “Voitolla Yöhön” (Director’s Cut)
-Brädi feat. PistePiste “Uimaan”
-Crossfyre “Mad Croc Rock”
-Eino & DJ Kapelimestari “Muista aina puttaa”
-Pirados Records “Hys Hys” Taisto X Altis Ft. Pikkis

-Ajattara “Ave Satana"

-Maria Monde "Rühl Love"

-Sami Hedberg "Techno Babushka"
-Dreamferno "Artisans of Deprivation"

-Jaydee "Miks En Menis" and "Kaikki Hyvin"
-Wildfire "Sceep"
-Crossfyre "Twilight Zone"
-King Company "Trapped In Heart"


-Iltalehti Iltatyttö in 2008 and 2010
-7 Päivää Tähtityttö 1/2009

-Erotica 2/2009
-Jallu 4/2009 cover
-Napa10 5/2009

-Hustler 4/2013 cover

Pageants/Awards Babe of season 2009

-Team AXE Miss Ringside 2010
-Fat Pipe Grid Girl 2010 Finalist

-Miss Bomber 2013 (Bomber Magazine)

-Miss Rock 2013 Finalist, Iltalehti reader’s favorite

-Sexiest on Social Media Finland 2015
-Finland's Sexiest 2017


-Irina Tundra K18 (Docendo, 2019)

-BiisoniMafia (SubTV), episode 7
-Trekant (NO), episode 3:7.7
-Paparazzit, episode 1
-Big Brother Finland 2012 (guest)
-YleX Viikonloppu Nov 2013
-Kummeli V
-Ismo, pilot episode


-SpiritFM Naughty Friday
-Aamulypsy Dec 2015
-Supermarket Janet commercial (BG), 2016
-Radio Rock Korporaatio Sept 17. 2019
-Luokkakokous 3 (2021)

+ many more


-Erotiikan Maailma 3/2010
-Iltalehti May 17.

-Grande Rock ezine Dec 10. 2017

-Me Naiset 24h, 10/2019

+ many more

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